Decoupage Cut-outs Tutorial

We’ve recently moved into our new house, and each child has been complaining to me that they want their room decorated like our last house. So I started with one of my girls. I just ran down to Hobby Lobby, and grabbed a couple things. I left for under $16. I was pretty excited.

My daughter’s name is Averi, so I got those letters. Then I got some pink scrapbook paper. I thought it would be cute to distress the edges with a gold stamp pad. I’m glad I did, because it really adds some personality to the paper. I used Mod Podge, but you could use a spray adhesive if you want, then I painted it on with a sponge brush.

My kids were playing at a friends house, and I did the whole project from start to finish in about a half hour. My projects have to be fast, I don’t have time for long drawn out projects.

Step one: Trace each letter, and cut it out.

Step two: Paint mod podge onto the back of the paper, and smooth it on the letter. Then paint it over the top. Use your fingers to smooth out any bumps or air bubbles.

Then when they were dry, I rubbed the stamp pad on all the edges, and a little in the middle. This is an optional step. I like the way it looks.

Now to do this for my son!

I hope you find this fun and easy. At the very least it’s a cheap way to personalize and decorate your children’s rooms (or your room if you’re so inclined!)

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