15 Button Crafts for Kids

Are you in search of a sure fire way to lower your monthly expenditure on extraneous crafting expenses? We realize that’s quite an odd question to open up a crafts review with but, hear us out! Consider how much money you let go of on a weekly or monthly basis when it comes to purchasing decorations and gifts for the holidays. While spending money on such items no doubt comes under the heading of “labor of love”, especially for those who love decorating their homes with holiday themed goods, it’s also true that a great deal of money can pile up over such seemingly inexpensive and trivial charges. After all, unless you’re hoarding, there does come a point where enough is enough!

When buying holiday decorations begins to threaten to take food off your own dining room table, that’s a sure sign that things need to change. You don’t just suddenly want to transform into a miserable, holiday hating, “Grinch”. But you certainly don’t want holiday decorations to consume all your finances and “eat” you out of house and home? So, is there a simple, cost effective, solution? Can you really craft exciting decor items from the simplest household goods? The purpose of the Craft Fiesta website is to prove that yes, indeed, it can be done!

It’s simply amazing what you can do on a limited budget, using only commonly accessible household items and goods. All those buttons that have found their way from countless shirts, pants, and sweaters into your trash can could have instead been used to craft an endless variety of household and holiday decorations? Don’t believe us? Have a look at some of the amazing decorative ideas using buttons that are here on this page. If we can do so much with so little, why can’t you?

Button Clocks

Button Flowers

Button Curtains

Button Clipboards

Button Drawer Pulls

Personalized Button Pictures

Button-decorated Boxes

“Buttoned Up” Clothes

Button Pillows

Button Necklaces

Button Bracelets

Button Lamp Shades

Button Bouquets

Button Purses

Button Trees

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