15 Wine Cork Crafts for Kids

Everyone enjoys a fine wine. Indeed, in some form or another, vino has been part of our shared human history and culture for many thousands of years. Of course, once you’ve finished that bottle of fine port or sherry, you’re left with an empty bottle and a left over cork. What to do? Well, in former times when the budget wasn’t so tight and your economic options were less restricted, you could have simply chucked the whole kit and caboodle away, and forgotten all about them. Nowadays, however, things may not be so rosy, and there may be a reason to save and recycle such formerly ephemeral and useless items. And, it turns out there is a reason: wine cork crafts!

Home crafting is the hottest new trend. It’s partly due to the ugly economic downturn we’ve seen in the past decade. However, there’s also a renewed optimism and pride in the capacity of average Americans to create their own home crafted goods. So, don’t throw that wine cork out! Let’s make some home crafted goods that will wow your family. Let’s knock your friends’ and neighbors’ socks off in amazement (and perhaps a bit of friendly jealousy!). Whether you’re crafting up decorations for the holidays, or simply enhancing your home’s decor with some cheery new items, you can save a ton of money by making your own decorations from household items, like wine corks!

So, let’s have a look at some of the amazing, innovative, and cost effective, home crafting items that you can make from such humble ingredients as common, every day wine corks. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Easter are some of the most commonly cited holidays when it comes to crafting up personal, home made, decor. So you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that you can craft dozens, if not hundreds, of unique and innovative items in the comfort of your home, and without breaking your family budget in the process! Have a look at our sample page of crafts inspired by people just like you, who found an exciting way to make old items brand new again!

Wine Cork Charms

Wine Cork Wreath

Wine Cork Candle Holders

Wine Cork Push Pins

Wine Cork Place Card Holders

Wine Cork Charm Bracelet

Wine Cork Keychains

Wine Cork Stamps

Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Wine Cork Plant Markers

Wine Cork Garland

Wine Cork Cabinet Knobs

Wine Cork Bath Mat

Tiny Wine Cork Plant Pots

Wine Cork Christmas Wreath

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