15 Pine Cone Crafts for Kids

Do you hate doing yard work as much as most people seem to do? There’s always the lawn that needs mowing, and stray debris that floats into the yard that needs picking up. If you have cats or dogs, you know what they use various corners of the yard for. And, of course, if you have certain species of trees in your front or back yard, you know there always comes a time every month when your yard fills up with pine cones that need to be collected and thrown away! However, did you ever stop to think that those pine cones littering up the yard might be an actual blessing in disguise? Did you ever think that they might be useful for something other than back yard litter?

Well, since you’ve landed on this particular page of the internet, here’s your golden opportunity to read on and discover the truth for yourself. The answer is a resounding yes! You can scoop up those annoying stray pine cones, and craft some surprisingly effective, even endearing, household and holiday decorations from them. Believe it or not, if you have any sort of crafting skills, even the most rudimentary, you can truly surprise yourself with these simple, cost effective, pine cone craft decorations. Check out a few of the great examples we’ve loaded on to this page, and see for yourself what a few pine cones and other common, cost effective, ingredients can add up to.

Pine cones are obviously excellent ingredients for Thanksgiving and Christmas decorations, because of the association of perennials and evergreens with the winter holidays. But did you ever suppose that you could make up a dandy Easter Bunny with some common back yard pine cones? Once inspiration strikes, it’s critical to follow wherever it may lead! So, scoop up some pine cones, and get creative!

Pine Cone Turkeys

Pine Cone Penguins

Pine Cone Creatures

Pine Cone Carollers

Pine Cone Wreaths

Pine Cone Bears

Pine Cone Christmas Decorations

Painted Pine Cone Decorations

Pine Cone Pumpkins

Pine Cone Owls

Pine Cone Centerpiece

Pine Cone Garland

Pine Cone Topiary

Pine Cone Picture Holders

Pine Cone Owls with Earmuffs

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