15 Paper Plate Crafts for Kids

Of all the household items you can make use to create fantastic new craft items with, perhaps the most plentiful one of all is one that you go through every week by the dozens: paper plates! The very same plates that you use for eating your breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day aren’t exactly the kind of items most people think of when they consider the various mediums for creating art. And this as it should be. You certainly won’t be creating great, long lasting, masterpieces out of some common paper plates and a few extraneous accessories. But so what? You can whip up some classic holiday decor to help your little ones celebrate their first few Christmases and Easters, and that’s certainly worth something!

So, what exactly can you do with some common household paper plates? The possibilities are far greater than you might think at first! You can easily whip up some great holiday gifts and decorations, enough to fill your house up with the celebratory spirit that will have everyone in just the right holiday mood! For example, if Easter is coming up, we have some excellent suggestions for Easter Bunny decor. Let us help you with some inexpensive decor ideas that you can get your little ones to help you out with. Or you can simply do it all by yourself in far less time than you think. None of the suggestions on our pages take more than ten or twenty minutes to put together.

No matter what the holiday or occasion may be, you can use paper plates to make up fantastic, cost effective, decorations that will match the theme of the day to a perfect “T”. Don’t believe us? Check out these handy suggestions for yourself. We think you’ll agree that paper plate art really does float your boat!

Paper Plate Angel Wings

Paper Plate Flowers

Paper Plate Clowns

Paper Plate Handbags

Paper Plate Frisbees

Paper Plate Pirates

Paper Plate Cats

Paper Plate Hats

Paper Plate Trees

Paper Plate Puppets

Paper Plate Masks

Paper Plate Dinosaurs

Paper Plate Shark Teeth

Paper Plate Fishies

Paper Plate Leprechauns

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