15 Yarn Crafts for Kids

Is the onset of the holiday season making you feel down in the dumps? Don’t get discouraged! Even if it may be true that you don’t have quite enough money in the family budget to spend on all of the holiday themed decorations you want for your home, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up on celebrating the holiday season! Quite the contrary! We here at Craft Fiesta know how you feel, having been in precisely that same situation more times than we care to remember. And that is the primary reason why we came to start this very site. We’re tired of hearing the same old tragic stories of people giving up on their crafting hobby “because it became too expensive to support”.

So, let’s have no more of that defeatist spirit! If you’ve been feeling depressed, or even guilty, over coming home day after day to a drab, grey, cheerless home, stop beating yourself up over it! Help is here! Even if you don’t possess the extra funds to go out and buy fancy new crafting materials to liven up your home’s aging decor, we here at Craft Fiesta can help with a thousand suggestions which make use of amazingly inexpensive, commonly found materials which you yourself may never have been able to think of. Take, for example, the page you’re on right now. Everyone knows about yarn, but were you aware that you can do quite this many things using only yarn?

Our advice to you, as a friend, is as follows. It’s time to stop fretting over what you don’t have, and take stock of the materials and inspirational ideas that are currently lying right beneath your finger tips! Go out and buy some yarn at a 99 cent store, or even borrow some from a friend. Then have a look at our present page of yarn craft ideas. Once you’ve had a good look, it’s time to proceed. Get as creative as you can safely allow yourself to be! One thing about yarn is that it certainly isn’t going out of circulation. There’s plenty more material where the first bit came from! You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve using the simplest, most cost effective, art materials!

Yarn Octopus

Yarn Heart Decorations

Yarn Napkin Rings

Yarn Animals

Yarn Rosettes

Yarn Sheep

Yarn Easter Eggs

Yarn Finger Puppets

Yarn Decorated Greeting Cards

Yarn Art

Yarn Lady Bugs

Yarn Ornaments

Yarn Clown Fish

Yarn Christmas Trees

Yarn Embroidery w/ Foam Plates

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