30 Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

If you’re looking forward to this Valentine’s Day for a particular reason, why not share it with the world by crafting up some fantastic new holiday projects? These Valentine’s Day crafts are sure to let the world know that you and your special sweetheart are together, and ready to take on the world! Even if you’ve long ago settled down with your old “ball and chain”, you can still let them know how much they still mean to you. Whip up some crafty surprises this Valentine’s Day, and let your inner creativity be the witness to your never dying affection! Even if you don’t have anyone to share the holiday with, you can still spend the day crafting up nifty holiday gifts just to stay busy!

Have a look at the present page of Valentine’s Day craft suggestions. As should be plain to see, they’re simple, easy to locate the ingredients for, and, most of all, plain fun to put together! Fun should always be the guiding principle when it comes to crafting. And crafting should never be more fun then when you’re putting together home made mementos that no one else in the world has a duplicate of! So, even if you don’t see something on this page that quite strikes your fancy, don’t despair. Perhaps one or two of these suggestions will spark off your artistic imagination, and lead to you putting something together that is truly unique and original. So, let’s have a look, and get artsy!

As noted above, all of the crafts shown on this page are completely home made, from ingredients you can easily locate at any grocery store or crafts shop. You don’t have to be a sculptor like Rembrandt to get in on the fun. So, have a look around! If you see something you like, go for it!

Handprint Heart Valentine

Heart-shaped Flower Lollipops

Valentine’s Pencil Toppers

Felt Heart Magnets

Valentine’s Candle Jar

Heart Sun Catchers

Cupcake Wrapper Lollipop Roses

Personalized Valentine Collection Boxes

Love Bugs

Valentine’s Heart Banner

Paper Heart Valentine’s Wreath

Pretty Pink Valentine’s Ribbons

Valentine’s Chocolate Box Portrait

Valentine’s Day “I Love You” Card

Valentine’s Heart Guy

Crayon Heart Suncatcher

Valentine’s Day Gift for Mom

Paint Swatch Heart Air Balloon

DIY Valentine Candy Dish

Heart Sculptures

“I Love You To Pieces” Paper Craft

Valentine’s Day Hand Print Craft

Paper Love Bug

Personalized Valentine’s Day Hearts

Button Burlap Heart

Lollipop Lillies

“Hoo Loves You?” Paper Plate Owl

“You’re the Bomb!” Candy Valentine

Paper Plate Love Bug

Thumbprint Valentines

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