15 Memorial Day Craft Ideas

Memorial Day is traditionally celebrated on the final Thursday in May. Originally, this holiday was known as Memory Day. Its purpose, of course, is to serve as a day set aside to honor the memory of the millions of brave male and female soldiers who have paid the ultimate cost to preserve our freedom. Indeed, our very American way of life has always been preserved by our brave fighting men and women, so it is only right to devote a day to the sacred memory of those who did not hesitate to give their all. On this special day, you can get into the spirit of honoring their noble sacrifice by decorating your home with a whole host of Memorial Day crafts. Why not preserve this great and noble holiday in fine style?

The most obvious decorations you can craft would, of course, be some memorial flags and streamers, decorated in fine red, white, and blue American style! You can make these festive decorations out of a whole host of materials. There’s no need to spend a bundle of your hard earned money on fancy, expensive crafting materials when a trip to your local grocery or even hardware store will yield up a rich mother lode of artistic mediums. Even a journey through your cupboards or closets may turn up a few handy items that can be spun into classic, long lasting, Memorial Day decorative crafts. The only limits to your creativity are the boundaries of your own imagination.

Why not have a look around this page and see if anything catches your eye? There’s no need to reproduce bit by bit any of the items you see here. If something catches your fancy, let it be your inspiration for a classic creation of your own. We merely hope to get you moving in the right direction. The rest, as they say, is up to you! Good luck, and happy crafting!

American Flag Wreath

Our Hero Memorial Wreath

Patriotic Paper Lollies

Button American Flag

Star Topiaries

Patriotic Paper Flowers

Flag Blocks

Patriotic Paper Pinwheels

Hand Print Flags

Rocket Party Favors

3-D Paper Star Decorations

Patriotic Mason Jar Luminaries

Paint Chip Star-Spangled Banner

Red White and Blue Wind Catcher

Patriotic Candle Ring

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