42 Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

42 Father's Day Craft Ideas - Craft Fiesta #FathersDay #FathersDayCrafts

If you’re ready to celebrate Father’s Day in style this year, there’s no better way to get things rolling than to decorate your house with theme decorations and hand made crafts. Fill your home up with the true spirit of Father’s Day and let your Dad know how much you care! There’s no need to get all mushy about it, but there really is no better source of artistic inspiration than the care a good dad shows for his children. So let’s use this page to showcase these amazing new Father’s Day decorations. Every one of these can be made in less time than it takes to go shopping at a major supermarket or arts and crafts store! Dad himself would be proud of your thriftiness.

You save lots of money by making your own holiday themed Father’s Day decorations. And you’ll also be adding a unique and personal touch to the gesture. What father could turn down a completely original new creation which barely costs a dime? You know how Dads are about money! Of course, not everyone can be a great and original artist. But have a look at the crafting suggestions on this page, and you’ll easily come up with plenty of great ideas! And they’re so easy to put together! Even a total newcomer with two left thumbs can get the hang of these. A bit of glue in some cases, a bit of string in others, and off you go! Dad won’t even have to assist with these!

The crafts on this page can all be easily duplicated. But even if you don’t necessarily see something here that inspires you, you can still perhaps take away a few suggestions that will enable you to put your own great crafts together.

Personalized Coffee Warmer

“Dad Rocks!” Decorated Rocks

Dad-i-fied Pencil Holders

“Dad and Me” Pictures with Frames

Dad’s Hand-y Box

Hand Printed Tile (Paper Weight)

Father’s Day Gift Bags

Golf Club Protectors

Simple Picture Holders

Craft Stick Picture Puzzle

#1 Dad Trophy

Tie Keychain

“Dad Rocks” Clay Paperweight

Clothespin Dog Pen Holder

Golf Ball Dog

Father’s Day Mad Lib

“Top Dad” Ball Cap Memo Holder

Happy Father’s Day Wrist Cuffs

Father’s Day Candy Beer Mug

Father’s Day Mustache Tray

Father’s Day Handprint Poem

Father’s Day Mosaic Coasters

Daddy’s Car Wash Kit

Father’s Day Poem

Father’s Day “I Love You to Pieces” Candy Craft

Father’s Day Keychain

Father’s Day Tie Wreath

Father’s Day Candy Jar

Sticky Notepad Holder

Paintbrush Guy

Footprints for Dad

Confetti Sprinkled Candy Bar Wrappers

Father’s Day Paper Plate Tie Craft

Father’s Day Six Pack (of Treats)

Best Dad Hands Down Tag

Father’s Day Owl Memo

Father’s Day Wallet Card

Sports Berries

Father’s Day Clipboard

Father’s Day “DAD” Paper Glasses

Papa’s Snack Bar

Father’s Day Mailbox

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