15 Tissue Paper Crafts for Kids

If you’re searching for a fantastic new way to save on holiday decorations, take a gander at what we’ve got for you here! These amazing new suggestions will knock your socks off, and blow your nose while they’re at it! These innovative and cost effective tissue paper crafts are guaranteed to scratch your itch for crafty inspiration. Who would have thought that common, average tissue paper was good for so much more than simply wiping one’s nose and throwing away? The truth is, when your budget is low and you need inspiration for new household crafts, it’s always the best policy to look directly under your nose to find new artistic inspiration! And you’re sure to find it!

Have a look at some of the great new crafting suggestions that we have for you on this page. Who would have thought that you could make so many fascinating objects and decorations from the simplest and most common household materials? But, it’s the truth! We assure you no sleight of hand or Photoshop tricks were employed in the making of these amazing, handy crafts! When the holidays are near, embrace them with joy, and don’t worry about busting your budget! You can craft to your heart’s content, secure in the knowledge that you won’t be breaking your family’s bank, or using up money that should be going toward holiday gifts and putting food on the table!

Whether you’re crafting up some wonderful tissue paper floral bouquets for your dining room table, or getting ambitious and fabricating some whimsical new creations such as tissue paper elephants, you can be sure that tissue paper is a medium that won’t let you down! Creating new and unexpected artistic designs from hitherto neglected and unexplored mediums is part of what makes the human spirit so enduring!

Tissue Paper Bouquets

Tissue Paper Elephants

Tissue Paper Cupcake Decorations

Tissue Paper Eggs

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tissue Paper Wine Bottle Wrapping

Tissue Paper Trees

Tissue Paper Chicks

Tissue Paper Pumpkins

Tissue Paper Christmas Trees

Tissue Paper Shamrock Streamers

Tissue Paper Witches

Tissue Paper Window Art

Tissue Paper Gift Cones

Tissue Paper Bunny Eggs

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