18 Summer Crafts for Kids

Summer season is finally upon us, and it’s high time to get crafty! Lazy days full of summer sun and merriment deserve some sort of home spun tribute. The children are growing up quick, so now is the perfect time to let them get bitten by the crafting bug as well! There’s no better time for making precious life long memories than sweet summer time, so don’t let the opportunity pass you by! It’s time to clean out your kitchen cupboards and shelves! You’ll find plenty of material for crafting that you didn’t even know you owned!

Of course, that’s the beauty of summer time crafting. You really never need to spend oodles of cash down at the fancy craft goods store at the mall. Who needs prepackaged store bought goods when you can craft your own? One of the secrets of true home style decor is the personal touch that can only come from adding your own creativity to the mix. And that’s what we here at 99Craft encourage in each and every one of our loyal readers! Instead of giving in to the increasing Walmart-ization of home decoration, craft up your own! And we’re here to show each and every one of you how to do it! All it takes is a little inspiration and know how. And if you stick with us, you’ll get it in spades!

Check out our page of summer crafts. You’ll quickly see for yourself that each and every one of these beauties can be assembled in under an hour (sometimes mere minutes!). You don’t need fancy tools and materials to craft up these little beauties. The rule of successful home crafting should also be, “Keep It Simple!” And sometimes the simplest things in life are the ones that stick with you forever. So, happy summer, and happy crafting!

Paper Plate Sun

Pool Noodle Wreath

Light-Up Plastic Egg Fireflies

Paper Plate Whale

Paper Plate Horseshoes

Paper Umbrella Wreath

Paper Plate Seagulls

Crystal Egg Geodes

Button Rings

Watermelon Fan

Hot Rocks

Paper and Yarn Jellyfish

DIY Sidewalk Chalk

Styrofoam Bumble Bee

Summer Marshmallows

Seashell Turtle

Beehive Piñata

Paper Glass of Lemonade

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