21 Felt Crafts for Kids


Felt has traditionally been a huge part of the crafting experience. Felt is certainly a multi-functional material, which can be used in many different combinations with other materials. It’s flexible, adaptable, plentiful, and cost effective material to use. You can certainly buy a great deal of felt at your local home maker or craft supplies store for a relatively little amount. Best of all, felt is one of the crafting world’s most easily and effectively recyclable materials.

Down in the dumps over not having quite enough money to buy holiday decorations for your home? Feeling depressed, or even guilty, over a drab, cheerless house which you just don’t have the extra funds to gild up a little? Stop worrying over what you don’t have, and take stock of the materials and inspirational ideas that are currently lying right beneath your finger tips! Go ahead and get as creative as your fancy dictates. There’s plenty more material where the first bit came from!

Felt, as has been mentioned above, is an amazingly versatile and durable material. You can use it to craft many amazing items for your household and holiday decor. You don’t need to spend a considerable amount of time and money to procure felt. Just head down to your local arts and crafts store, or drive to the mall to pick up some samples. It’s inexpensive and quite common.

Of course, felt is not only useful for crafting traditional household and holiday items such as wall hangings and the like. You can use felt materials to craft such innovative display items as four leaf clovers, teddy bears, and practically any other idea that may pop into your head. Felt is such a great material to be creative with, so don’t hesitate to try out any possibility that strikes your fancy!

Felt Heart Lollipops

Felt Fortune Cookies

Felt Clovers

Cute Felt Bears

Felt Tissue Dispensers

Felt Animal Portraits

Felt Christmas Ornaments

Felt Leaf Earrings

Felt Unicorns

Dangly Felt Eggs

Felt Kitties

Felt Food

Felt Gift Packages

Felt Pin Cushions

Felt Gnomes

Felt Phone Sleeve

Felt Pillow Decorations

Felt Potato Chips

Felt Cheesecake

Felt Pumpkin Pie

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