Candy Corn Hand Warmers Tutorial

One of the downsides of having Halloween so late in the year is that the night you want to go out trick-or-treating with your kids end up being super chilly. Here’s a craft that will help combat some of that chilliness – and it’s Halloween-themed to boot!

Step 1:

Line up three squares of felt using the colors of candy corn. Choose a nice coordinating thread color. For this project you may use either machine or hand sewing.


Step 2:

Create a pattern sized to the hand of the person you wish to warm. Make a small pencil mark on each side of the hand.


Step 3:

Sketch a rough approximation of a piece of candy corn. Triangle-ish will work!


Step 4:

Start to wrap one side of the frame. Do not wrap too tightly or you may have a hard time fitting the glass back into the frame when you’re done.


Step 5:

Cut out the pattern and lay it down across the three pieces of felt, lined up in color order.


Step 6:

Pin down the pattern and cut out, keeping all your layers together


Step 7:

Repeat the process a second time. Line up all six layers wrong sides together in a big sandwich. You may use a machine or sew around by hand, but if hand sewing, make sure to keep your stitches close together. Leave about a one inch opening.  At the opening, fill the candy corn with rice. Then sew the opening shut.


Just repeat process to create a second hand warmer.  Prior to using, place the hand warmers in the microwave for about 30 seconds – being sure to check before use as all microwaves vary in power. Put in your pockets and enjoy a warm and wonderful Halloween Night!