Cardboard Pine Cones

Humble cardboard can become quite beautiful with just a few simple touches. Here’s how you can turn it into these nifty little cardboard pine cones, which can be use for a wide array of things.

Step 1:

Begin with thick corrugated cardboard. Strip away one of the outside layers leaving one flat side and one wavy side.

Step 2:

Cut the cardboard into long thin triangles. These are about 2 inches by 7 inches.

Step 3:

Apply glue to the back side of each triangle.

Step 4:

Wrap around a pencil starting with the wide end and continuing to the tip. Remove from the pencil and continue to hold in place until dry.

Step 5:

Once dry, you can use “as-is” for a natural pinecone effect, or paint with your choice of color. Gold is a fun choice! Use in a variety of ways to spice up your décor and lend a festive touch!

Step 6:

Stick your freshly made cardboard pinecones on a wreath, turn them into Christmas garland, or use them for anything you can think of!

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