Cardboard Tube Gift Card Holder

Gift cards are a great gift, but they never have much pizzazz on their own. Make this little holder to show how much you care and give your gift a special touch. These are fun to make and easy to personalize. Did I say free too? That way you get to put all of your money on the gift card and not on expensive wrappings.

Step 1:

Flatten a tissue paper tube and bend in the ends slightly as shown.

Step 2:

Now, all you need to do is cover it with decorative paper. For my example I went the extra mile and wove a piece of paper which made the finished product look really cool and gave a nice neat edge. This might not be necessary for you… depends on your time and interest, but this wasn’t as hard to do as it might look at first, and weaving is a lot of fun!

First I cut some strips of paper, about a half inch wide. I laid them over the edge and glued them down, as shown.

Step 3:

Then I had fun happily weaving enough strips to cover the front side of my tube. After I was finished I glued down the front with Mod Podge.

Step 4:

Repeat for the back side. When you are finished, you will have your edge pieces available to glue and fold under the opening on one side. This will create an opening for you to slide the card in. The other side can be glued closed.

Step 5:

Coat the entire holder with a nice layer of Mod Podge to give a nice shiny finish and durability. When it is dry, slide in your gift card. That’s all there is to it! Add a nice bow and give with pride!

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