Magical Mystery Present

Make a gorgeous light up present to cheer up your tree until Santa arrives with everything else. After the holidays, use this lovely craft as a bookend or nightlight.

Step 1:

Begin with a glass block from your local building supply store. They all sell them in a variety of sizes.

Step 2:

Drill a hole in the side about a half inch in diameter. I didn’t have the tools for this, but my hometown hardware store did it for me for a couple dollars. I love to shop local and this is just one reason why!

Gently insert a short strand of lights. I used the 20 light variety. Two dollars from the same hardware store.

Step 3:

Now the fun part! Using Mod Podge or acrylic medium, glue down tiny scraps of tissue paper. I used Japanese tissue paper from an art supply store but any tissue will work. You could also use plain white tissue that you stamped with your favorite stamps and colored ink. The sky is the limit!

Step 4:

Allow to dry and add a bow or other garnish as you desire. Plug in and enjoy the festive glow!

Kristen Earl

Name: Kirsten Earl Job Title: Crafter Date started at company: July, 2005 First TV segment you worked on: Catnip rats Hometown: Medford, NJ Education: Dartmouth College; B.S. in Physics First Job: Software developer Astrological sign: Sagittarius Personal crafting/artwork: Quilling and quilting are my favorites. Things you collect: Turtle figurines, coins, quilt fabric, pets FAVORITE . . . Color: Tie between orange and leaf green: PANTONE 1375C and 390C Holiday: Halloween Kind of Fabric: High-quality, beautifully printed quilting cotton Dessert: Berries and cream Source: Ikea – I am convinced I can make something awesome out of anything from Ikea. 

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