Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Brighten up your staid old living room or dining room table with some beautiful home crafted Pipe Cleaner Flowers! Easy to procure, even faster to assemble!

Tissue Paper Bunny Eggs

What Easter celebration would be complete with some classic Tissue Paper Bunny Eggs? It’s the perfect reminder for your little ones that the Easter Egg Hunt is coming soon!

Tissue Paper Gift Cones

These finely home crafted Tissue Paper Gift Cones make for an excellent stocking stuffer, or even a raffle gift! Hand ’em out with the Christmas cookies!

Tissue Paper Window Art

Fancy up your windows with some Tissue Paper Window Art! If you’ve ever dreamed of having gorgeous stained glass windows…well, this is sort of similar. You’re on a budget here, you know?

Tissue Paper Witches

Scare up some Halloween fun with these Tissue Paper Witches! No need to worry about storing them year round when the holidays depart. Just pour a bucket of water on them and they’ll soon be MELTING…MELTING!

Tissue Paper Shamrock Streamers

Ahh, ye wee lasses and laddies, it’s St. Paddy’s Day once more! Time to craft up some finely rainbow hued Tissue Paper Shamrock Streamers! Fly yer Paddy’s Day flag with pride!

Tissue Paper Christmas Trees

If you’re not fond of the hassle and mess associated with regular Christmas trees, you might consider crafting up a few of these to use as decorations instead. They aren’t exactly as awe-inspiring as a fully decorated full-sized tree, but they’ll get the job done, and you don’t have to worry about taking them down…