Tissue Paper Pumpkins

It’s Halloween! Time to spice up your house with some classic Tissue Paper Pumpkins! Turn your whole home into a Pumpkin Patch, and let the kids know the Great Pumpkin is coming!

Tissue Paper Trees

Is your kitchen or living room table looking sadly forlorn and bereft of cheer? Spruce it up with some home crafted Tissue Paper Trees! They’re the perfect accompaniment to an eco-friendly “green” home. Recyclable, functional, and pretty!

Tissue Paper Wine Bottle Wrapping

Wrap up your gift of vino in a fine accompaniment. Craft up some Tissue Paper Wine Bottle Wrapping, and give the gift that keeps on giving! Nothing says “I love you” like a gift of finely aged vino in a self crafted wrapper! A true touch of class!

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Get your little cheerleader started early with some Tissue Paper Pom Poms! She’ll love her own set of inexpensive, home crafted pom poms! She can practice all the routines just like Big Sister!

Tissue Paper Chicks

Creating your own little ball of baby chick cuteness is as easy as crumpling some yellow tissue paper, giving it orange pipe cleaner feet and googley eyes! Create an army of them to decorate your home this Easter!

Tissue Paper Eggs

Need some quick, easy Easter decorations? Spruce up your dining room table with these fabulous, home made Tissue Paper Eggs! Your family and friends won’t worry about who came first, since you can just as easily craft up a tissue paper chicken to shut them up!

Tissue Paper Cupcake Decorations

Top off those boring off birthday cupcakes with these custom crafted Tissue Paper Cupcake Decorations! Your little ones will appreciate the extra labor you put into making their cupcakes that much extra special! And adults will love the extra effort as well!