Tissue Paper Elephants

Craft up some Tissue Paper Elephants, and let their natural grace and beauty spice up your living room or dining room table! Impress your family, friends, and neighbors with your ability to craft wild beauty from a few spare rolls of paper!

Tissue Paper Bouquets

Looking for a crafty and cost effective way to spice up your boring old dining room table? Craft up some elegant Tissue Paper Bouquets and prepare to save a bundle on seed packets and fertilizer! Disposable and inorganic never looked so good!

Personalized Easter Portraits

If your child wants a personalized Easter portrait, here’s the perfect solution! Just grab a print out of your child’s favorite photo, a disposable paper plate, some scissors, etc., and you’ll have the perfect holiday themed bunny portrait in no time! Hang it on the wall, and a suitably impressed Easter Bunny might just leave…

Easter Egg Wreath

A great example of a well-decorated Easter basket grass wreath – just tack sparkly Easter eggs all over it and you end up with something really great! Just don’t use real eggs or you’ll end up with a really stinky wreath.

Easter Bunny Cake Pops

Add some candy corn ears and cute faces to otherwise ordinary cake pops to turn them into fun, Easter-themed “bunny cake pops”! Get the kids involved by letting them design their own cake pop animal – bunny, chick, frog, the possibilities are endless!

Hatch an Easter Bunny

No Easter holiday is complete without a visit from the Easter bunny! This year, you can help your kids hatch a Bunny right out of the egg! Some cotton balls, a left over hard boiled egg shell, pipe cleaners, and some food coloring are all you’ll need to bring the Bunny to your home!

Paper Egg Decorations

Got a bunch of loose buttons cluttering up your drawer? Why not recycle them in style! Add some construction paper, a little glitter, and maybe a bit of left over Christmas wrapping, and you’ve got yourself a DIY Arts & Crafts day for the whole family!