Yarn Embroidery with Foam Plates

Creating one of these fun pictures is as easy as poking holes in a foam plate in your desired design, then having your kids play “connect the dots” with some yarn! Lots fun for the kids, and the outcome looks great too!

Yarn Sheep

Bring the barn yard indoors with a taste of down home style! These unpretentious but classy Yarn Sheep are an excellent complement to your living room or bedside. Grab some yarn and craft up a few farm animals. You’ll never be lonely again, because they’ll always have your baaaaack!

Yarn Napkin Rings

Bring a fastidious old school touch to your table with these charming Yarn Napkin Rings! Not only will you show off a bit of your home crafting skills, but you’ll add a touch of classic elegance to your kitchen.

Felt Pin Cushions

Pretty much as listed. You’ll always need a place to stash your pins when you’re not using them. So why not have some Felt Pin Cushions to serve as your officially designated craft pins receptacle? A stitch in time, and an ounce of prevention!

Felt Gift Packages

Christmas tree looking a little bare due to the holiday recession? No worries! Chase the blues away by slipping in a few “ringers”! Craft up some Felt Gift Packages, and your pile of gifts under the tree will never look bare and forlorn again!

Cute Felt Bears

If you love your Pooh and Polar Bears, chances are, you’re going to love some crafty new felt bears! So soft and cuddly, and so easy to assemble! Hang them as garland decorations in your dining room, or make some big ones to share with your kids! So beary nice!

Felt Fortune Cookies

Feeling fortunate? These classy Felt Fortune Cookies will be a perfect way to let your family and friends know that you’re thinking about their fortunes! Customize a few with a snappy and opportune message, and you’ve got yourself a perfect vehicle for holiday fun!