Easter Bunny Envelope

This adorable pink bunny envelope is the perfect place to stuff a whole host of Easter goodies for your little ones to discover. Just a few stray sheets of construction paper and some glue are all you need. You can do dozens of these in the space of an hour or two.

Button Bouquets

Snazz up your spouse or loved one’s day with a custom made Button Bouquets! These classic (and cost effective) Button Bouquets are a great way to say, “I care”! And what better way to show it than to spend a quality hour or two crafting up these little beauties?

Button Bracelets

Craft up some Button Bracelets, and you’ll soon have some personal swag that none of your friends can boast of having a duplicate of! Craft up matching Button Bracelets for yourself and your spouse or special someone! It’s a great way to say, “We’re together, forever!”

“Buttoned Up” Clothes

That favorite blouse or shirt of yours is looking a bit torn and frayed around the edges. Why not fix it up with a few classic crafty buttons, and add a few more for snazzy effect while you’re at it? “Buttoning up” your old clothes is great fun for all ages!

Seashell Animals

For the particularly crafty and ambitious among us (and especially for those who pride themselves on creating great crafty art on a shoestring budget), here are some unique Seashell Animals to consider!

Seashell Treasure Boxes

Need a safe and secret place to hide your household treasures and goodies? Craft up some Seashell Treasure Boxes, and your booty will be safe from prying eyes! Even the saltiest sea dog will never spy upon your keepsakes and bits of treasure when you hide them in plain sight!

Seashell Wreaths

These excellent Seashell Wreaths make a beautiful (and beautifully cost effective) addition to your home. Hang one on your front door, and welcome in all the weary sailors and overland travelers who come to your home!