Egg Animals

How about a nice cheery Easter menagerie? Some hard boiled eggs, food coloring, construction paper, and a magic marker are all you need to make a lively and colorful barn yard full of the Easter bunny’s holiday friends!

Felt Easter Bunny Decorations

These classic table top Easter bunny decorations are a breeze to craft! Simple construction paper, some cotton balls, glue, and maybe some store bought “googley eyes” are all you’ll need to assemble them.

Decorated Easter Eggs

Make some decorated Easter eggs for table top decorations. All you need is some eggs, food dye, glue, and a bit of construction paper. Add some store bought “googley eyes” for a personalized Bunny touch!

Pipe Cleaner Finger Puppets

These classic finger puppets are made from pipe cleaners, cotton balls, and store bought googley eyes. It’s the perfect interactive gift for your little ones to celebrate their first Easter holidays with. Endless amusement for little hands!

Easter Chicken Family

Look at this adorable family of Easter chickens! Just a few hard boiled eggs, some shells, a bit of food coloring, and construction paper make for an excellent table top holiday display. This is one the whole family will love, from your youngest to your elders!

Paper Mache Chicks

If you enjoy working with papier mache’, this little project will be a joy to undertake. Some simple store bought water color paints will be enough to provide for an enjoyable arts and crafts session, either solo or with your little ones in tow! Get the whole family involved for some wholesome holiday fun with…

Carrot-Shaped Napkins

How about a festive touch of Easter carrots at the dinner table? With a few inexpensive purchases and a bit of minor origami, you can wrap up some carrot shaped napkins that will delight your little ones at their first Easter family dinner. Protip: can’t find green silverware? A bit of food coloring will come…