Button Drawer Pulls

Button Drawer Pulls

When it’s time to liven up your jewelry box or keepsake drawers, replace those old rusty door pulls with some brand new, home crafted Button Drawer Pulls! Every time you reach to open up your favorite jewelry box, you’ll have a smile on your face!

Dangly Felt Eggs

The yolk will never be you if you craft these little beauties! After all, these Dangly Felt Eggs only look like the real thing! So don’t leave them out on the counter top where a sleepy little one or spouse might happen upon them! Excellent decorations for the home, but not edible!

Seashell Candles

Need a quick, cost effective way to brighten up your room? Add some imaginative seaside decor with these classy, classic Seashell Candles! Bring the warm breezes of the sea home with you forever with these excellent, easily crafted little beauties!

Fun Easter Cards

Give your kids some personalized Easter cards. Perfect for parents and Grandmas as well! A bit of construction paper, some store bought “wiggle eyes”, a few snips with the scissors, and you’ve made some holiday cards that they’ll never forget!

Button Purses

These classy, catchy Button Purses are a great way to add some personalized (and cost effective) flair to your wardrobe. So what if your bling budget is a little overdrawn? Grab some buttons and whatnot out of the closet, and make your own decor!

Yarn Animals

Yarn animals add a bit of whimsy and wonder to your home. They’re simple and easy – or as complex and exquisite – as you desire them to be. Your children will love them, and your friends and neighbors will be impressed with your style and ingenuity!

Felt Kitties

RAWR! Beware of the Tigger! Watch out for an incoming cat-astrophe! These felt kitties come straight from the cuddle jungle to your loving arms! Craft up some classic Felt Kitties, and let the LOL’s begin! They might even keep your real kitty company when you’re gone!