Cotton Ball Bunnies

These cotton ball bunnies are the last word in holiday cuteness! As the name implies, you’ll need some cotton balls, some store bought pipe cleaners, and some “googley eyes”. Some food coloring and construction paper complete things. You’ll treasure these as table top knick knacks long after the holidays end!

Googley Eggs

Just some hard boiled eggs and some store bought “googley eyes”! But, oh so cute! Put a few on top of some bowls filled with Easter candies or jelly beans, and stand back for maximum “wide eyed kiddie” cuteness!

Yarn Lady Bugs

Lady bug, lady bug, fly away home! These delightful Yarn Lady Bugs will make a new home in your living room, and snazz up your decor! Add a touch of garden elegance with these outdoor ambassadors of whimsical cheer! Excellent conversation starters as well!

Seashell Pencil Holders

If you’re looking for a handy location to store all of your pencils, try crafting up some Seashell Pencil Holders! You can store all of your pencils right here in one catch all spot, and keep them ready for when the creative urge strikes you!

Yarn Art

Yarn Art is an age old, home spun family tradition that has been passed down through countless generations over the years. Now is your chance to do your share in contributing to this fine old tradition. Make up some Yarn Art today, and pass it down to your little ones!

Seashell Tea Candle Decorations

If you’re feeling particularly inspired by the spirit of the wild sea, craft up some Seashell Tea Candle Decorations! They will make an excellent decor addition to your dining room table, and will keep your spirits bright as you enjoy a home cooked romantic meal!

Seashell Angels

Whether you’re crafting for Christmas, or just searching for a theme that will add a bit of Heavenly inspiration to your home, these Seashell Angels are bound to fit the bill. Craft up these little beauties today!