Button Curtains

When it’s time to jump in the shower, why not liven up your bathing experience with some classic Button Curtains? Your soap and shampoo private time will be enhanced when you gaze upon these natural beauties as you bathe!

Felt Leaf Earrings

Feel like a new pair of earrings? Check out these Felt Leaf Earrings! If you’re searching for a new crafty style that you can fashion yourself, this just may be the ticket! After all, not many women make their own clothes and ornaments these days. Stand out from the crowd!

Yarn Easter Eggs

Celebrate the coming of the Easter Bunny with these classic Yarn Easter Eggs! Your little ones will get the idea quick, and will soon be clamoring to dye up their own hard boiled Easter eggs. Give them a year round taste of the holiday with these handy yarn reminders!

Paper Plate Bunnies

A couple of paper plates, a bit of cotton, and some construction paper, and you’ve got yourself some sweet Easter Bunny wall art! This is the perfect occupation for little ones with restless hands! Let your kids express themselves with DIY ingenuity and style!

Easter Egg Garland

This DIY Easter egg garland can also be hung up in your little one’s room to add a bright and festive touch. Nothing more than colored construction paper and a bit of string! But how precious the effect!

Button Lamp Shades

Is your spouse or loved one throwing shade on you? Get back in style with these classic Button Lamp Shades? They’re sure to brighten up your day with home made grace and snazzy style!

Button Trees

Personalized, home made, Button Trees make an excellent table top decoration for your living room or dining room! Show your friends, loved ones, and neighbors the extent of your artistic magnitude, and have a little fun while you’re at it! A classic family activity!