Simple Easter Wreath

Making a simple yet exquisite Easter wreath is as simple as buying a premade wicker wreath, adding some flowers, a couple birds and a big ribbon! Adding Easter flair to your home doesn’t get much easier than this.

Framed Seashells

If you’ve ever visited a beach and collected some seashells, you may have come to find that when you got home, you didn’t really know what to do with them besides store them away in a box or just toss them. But wait! Now you can turn those seashells into works of art, or if…

Yarn Decorated Greeting Cards

Need to save a little money on greeting cards? Your friends and loved ones won’t feel like they are victims of your thrift (or stinginess) when they receive these beautiful home crafted Yarn Decorated Greeting Cards! Instant family keepsakes!

Easter Bunny Goggles

Some classic Easter Bunny goggles will really get your little ones in the Easter spirit! A bit of construction paper, some rubber bands for the twine, and some magic markers will fashion up a swell holiday Bunny mask in no time!

Felt Tissue Dispensers

If you’re always going, “Ah, CHOO!”, here’s a new idea for you to chew on. Check out these classy new Felt Tissue Dispensers! Reach for a tissue without having to contend with that clunky box they always come in! No more paper cuts when the dispenser is made of felt!

Personalized Button Pictures

These handsome, home crafted Personalized Button Pictures will add a touch of the home artiste to your decor. They make for a great project to undertake with your little ones. Teach them how to craft and how to enjoy making their own household art!

Button Clocks

Need an idea for a holiday or birthday gift that’s cute as a button? Why not finally give your loved ones the time of a day with a personalized, home made Button Clock? These classy, cost effective, Button Clocks are an excellent way to show how much you care, minute by minute!