Yarn Christmas Trees

Christmas time is here! And so what if it’s the middle of July? These Yarn Christmas Trees will help you keep the Christmas spirit all year long. Craft up these handy and cost effective table top decorations, and strew them all about the house so Santa feels at home!

Felt Christmas Ornaments

There’s no better time than Christmas to get crafty! There are so many potential designs, from Old St. Nick to the Three Wise Men! Felt is a classic medium for crafting, and you can turn your home into a virtual Christmas museum in no time at all!

Easter Basket Grass Wreath

You did up the kids’ Easter baskets, and now you have all this Easter basket grass left over… what to do? Make a wreath! Start with a basic premade wreath as the frame, add the grass, then spruce it up with decorations of your choice!

Seashell Creatures

Did you know that, with a bit of time, glue, and patience, you can make yourself some unique and amazing Seashell Creatures? If you want to craft up some classic home decor that absolutely no one else in the world has a specimen of, then seashell art is the medium for you!

Seashell Garland

Planning a long overdue vacation at the seashore? Make the most from your trip! Pick up a few of nature’s mementos, and bring them home to stay! Make a Seashell Garland to hang in your home. Whenever you’re feeling blue, look up, and take some inspiration from the wild blue sea!

Yarn Heart Decorations

Have you got a special someone in your life? Someone you’ve given – or would very much love to give – your heart to? Why not craft them a little hint with a few well placed Yarn Heart Decorations? Cheaper and more subtle than a ring, especially on a first date!

Felt Unicorns

Want to meet a horse of a different color? These Felt Unicorns will certainly fit the bill! These delightful denizens of fantasy fiction can be yours to enjoy. Felt construction ensures that even their horn will feel soft and cuddly in your lap. Take a horsey home today!